POV Solution started in 1993 as a collaborative effort of committed craftsmen, creative business thinkers, and detail-obsessed designers. The POV in our name is taken from persistence of vision, a technical term in visual communications referring to people’s ability to hold an image in their mind even after it’s beenremoved from sight.
Company founders Chris Yuhasz and Greg Elliot knew the term from their formal education in television broadcasting. They liked it because they saw a persistence of vision as the driving force in creating a different kind of print shop, one where customers could rely on a printer for solutions to their evolving print needs—not just for printed products.
Nearly three decades later, we’re proud to say that our vision has indeed persisted—and become real. Today, we’re a mid-sized print communications company meeting the unique needs of businesses and nonprofits from coast-to-coast.
Meanwhile, we’re constantly on the lookout for innovative techniques and technology that can give our customers a marketplace edge.

Who We Are

Community Involvement

ased in the quaint town of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland, POV Solution is made up of helpful professionals who take their community as seriously as they do their work. We never stop looking for ways to give back to a community we love! Here are just a few examples.

Hiring special needs workers. Talent takes on many forms. POV Solution has employed special needs workers for more than 20 years. Sure, we’re helping to make a difference in their lives. But they’re also making a huge difference in ours! More than that, our special needs workforce allows us to take on daunting projects that other companies won’t.

"POV creates an environment where people with exceptionalities can realize their dreams of finding employment. The company's policies are inclusive, compassionate and flexible."

Professional Involvement: Helping to Keep Print Strong

Supporting printing organizations like our local Graphic Media Alliance chapter is an important part of POV Solution’s professional involvement.

Promoting the print industry, informing us about evolving regulations, offering scholarships for those pursuing careers in graphic communications—these are just a few examples of the valuable work the Graphic Media Alliance does.

In fact, through Graphic Media Alliance channels, POV Solution has established mutually beneficial networks with other outstanding printing companies, marketing agencies, and supply vendors. Our involvement has also allowed us to showcase the innovative print projects we do and helped us gain national recognition.

Meet the Staff: Friendly, Dedicated, Accessible Experts

Chris Yuhasz,

I have an undergraduate and a master’s degree in communications from Edinboro University in PA. I helped found POV Solution almost 30 years ago. When it comes specifically to printing, I'm self-taught and have learned everything I know as the company has grown. My belief is that we should treat our customers and vendors the way we would want to be treated. I still believe that business can and should be done with a hand shake and that everyone can work together in harmony! I also love showing up everyday and seeing friends who just happen to be employees.
I try to spend as much time as possible with my family. My wife in particular puts up with a lot knowing I am the ringleader of POV. When we can get away, there's a good chance you'll find us out boating.

Lindsey H. Whitticar, Layout / Prepress

Almost 25 years ago I started working here part-time to help pay for my degree—in medical massage therapy—and I’ve been here ever since. I love that the printing industry is always evolving, but the basic principle of bringing an idea to life stays the same. We pride ourselves here on creating happy clients. I also work with some of the hardest-working, dedicated people I know. As a wife to Dave and mother of three children (Maddi, Ella & Gray), I’m always BUSY. We’re all wrapped up in competitive gymnastics (I’m also a coach) and on the go with other activities like diving, swimming and taekwondo. We try to get as much family time as possible because we know how fast it goes.

Doug Perry, National Sales Manager

I have a BA in business administration, which helped prepare me to promote printing as both a tangible product and a conceptual service. After almost 15 years in the print industry, I’d say the best part is the universal need for print-related support. It creates endless opportunities for everyone involved. I love the open-minded approach we take here when it comes to innovating our products and services. When I’m not working, I love sharing life with my wife. You might find me doing yard work or, more likely, doing something related to my fitness obsession, like weightlifting, cycling or some other cardio exercise.

Natalie Funk, Product / Accounting Specialist

I started here part-time almost 10 years ago while getting an associate’s degree in fine arts. After getting my degree, I decided to stay. The printing industry is never dull and has plenty of opportunities to learn new skills. I love my job because we all share the same vision and are there for each other, like a family. I also help manage our special needs workforce. It’s great to give them a chance to work and contribute to a business—and they do an amazing job!
When I'm not working, I love to spend time with my husband and our three children. I also love to work out, stay active, and be outdoors!

Ann Yuhasz, Accounts

I share my last name with Chris, our fearless leader—and my son. I came onboard around 15 years ago because of my knowledge of QuickBooks. It was supposed to be temporary. But who better than your mother to trust with your money? The best part of my job is the wonderful people that I work with. They are a hard-working team with the customer always in mind. Small, ambitious companies like ours are the backbone of this country! Since my husband’s formal retirement ten years ago (you can also find him at POV) we now split our time between Chagrin Falls, OH and Key Largo, FL. My hobbies include gardening, oil painting, and judging dog shows here in the U.S. and internationally.

Sara Miskinis Welsh, Customer Service

I graduated from Wheaton College in Massachusetts with a degree in French and worked in IT for several years before moving to Ohio. I’ve been at POV Solution for a year and like the fast pace of the printing world and the evolving technology. The best part of working here is the people—both our great customers and my coworkers!
When I’m not working, you can likely find me outside—probably riding horse—or taking care of other people’s saddles.

Bryan Randolph, Press

I got into the printing industry through a high school mentoring program—almost 20 years ago! I love the creative involvement that goes into helping our customers. I also love the family environment here at POV Solution.
When I’m not working, I like spending time with my other family. I also like to drink beer and fish!

Jamey Roberts, Digital & Bindery/Finishing

I started here more than a decade ago. Thanks to valuable on-the-job training, I now have experience in virtually all phases of bindery. The best part of working in the industry is the feeling of accomplishment when you see a finished product and know you had a part it. The best part of working here is the work relationships I’ve formed.
On my off-hours I enjoy camping, listening to music, going to the movies, and watching sports.

Ed Rogers, Bindery

I went through an extensive five-year apprenticeship with a major printing company almost 40 years ago. That has served as the foundation for a life-long career in printing. The technology has evolved a lot since I started, and I’ve had to evolve as well. But I’ve enjoyed that because it’s been motivational! The best part of working here is the sense of accomplishment I get knowing my skills are valued.
When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending quiet time with friends and my pets.