Your customers crave tactile experiences. With spot UV printing, you can create textures that enhance the customer experience on postcards, brochures, packaging, labels or anything you can imagine. 

Stimulate the senses and provoke a response without breaking the budget

UV Coatings can make your marketing materials stand out for a fraction of the price of traditional embellishments like foil stamping, embossing, or using speciality papers. POV Solution invested in this new technology to help customers make sure their marketing efforts get results, no matter what their budget is.


What is Spot UV?

Spot UV is a new printing technology that can create raised textures on basic paper.

  • The UV Coating layer is treated as a fifth color that gets applied in an additional machine after the CMYK layer is printed.
  • The Spot UV machine is in the same printing line, so these textures can be added quickly and without significant additional labor.
  • The possible textures and effects are limited only by a design's imagination.

Bring your Images to life...

Get a polished and glossy look by applying UV to an entire page, or create texture and 3-dimensionality by applying it in any design you can imagine!

Connect with your audience through touch...

Spot UV gives you unlimited opportunities to stimulate your audience's senses and creativity. Create textures and looks that make recipients feel good about your brand and feel more inclined to respond to your offers.


Customize your Textures:

  • Add the dimensional look and feel of embossing with Spot raised UV
  • Create a velvety feel by coating a peice with soft touch laminate
  • Give the illusion of a leathery, wooden, sandy or cloth-like texture with a raised UV pattern


UV Printing for braille projects (ADA-Compliant), signs, awards just to start!

Recently we installed our new UV machine that is designed for a wide variety of projects.  Projects can range from 3 dimensional signs to imprints on mugs, footballs, pens or just about anything that will fit through the machine.  Be sure to give us a call as your planning your next give away or are working on special awards ceremony!


POV Cares about what I'm trying to achieve!

"I have worked with POV Solution, Inc over the past several years with the production of various publications, brochures, business cards, and other printed materials. The staff tehre is very friendly, competent and easy to wok with through the steps needed to obtain a stunning complete product." - Gina Pausch, Western Reserve Land Conservancy, Cleveland OH

Proven to improve your marketing results!

Spot UV Coating creates textures you HAVE to touch. Touching is feeling, and feelings is remembering. When your audience touches your printed products, they are far more likely to remember your message, research shows.

  • 38% of respondents say physical properties of mail influence how they feel about the sender. (SOURCE)
  • Consumers prefer premium packaging, and are willing to pay up to 5% more for products with Soft Touch coatings (SOURCE)
  • Physical materials leave a deeper footprint in the brain and produce more emotional responses (SOURCE)

Spot UV Printing Examples

Spot UV can mimic traditional embellishments on any print materials. Call or email us for physical samples transformed by Spot UV printing, foil, or any of our flood UV options (Matte, Satin, High Gloss)

Samples of Textured UV on Soft Touch Laminate

Let us show you in under 4 minutes how to create a textured UV layer in your artwork and the process we use to complete the manufacturing process.

How to add Spot UV to your print pieces

See Spot UV in action in this live demo video from our partner, Duplo:


POV Focuses on the Details

"Fieldstone Farm has worked with POV for 25+ years because of the personal attention that they give to each of our projects. They know each item we produce is important - no matter how large or small. Their attention to detail is very important to us." -- Maureen Foster, Chief Development Officer. Fieldstone Farm


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