POV’s portfolio has been growing, this time with more styles of embellishments. POV has now added another dynamic to the mix, metallic foiling.  This service can be produced digitally, and the new technology is now allowing customers to use metallic foils without the expensive cost of making dies. Metallic foils can enhance any presentation you are working on - short or high volume at prices that are now affordable. As our marketing team is working feverishly to keep up with the POV pace of introducing new technology, we wanted to tell the world about this new service.

Gold Foil Print

Skeleton Key - This is an example of gold foil being printed on a matte cover stock.

Silver Foil Print

Watch Face - This is an example of silver foil being printed on a matte cover stock.

Matte Foil Over Print "SleekingTM"

Shoes - This is an example of a clear matte foil being over printed on printed sheet with a gloss laminate.

Welcome to Digital Foiling

In today's market, there are now new foils that are being produced still with a heat process, but that adhere to toner or black solid ink areas. We no longer require the die. There can many different layering processes depending on what the ultimate goal is of the effect you are creating. In layman's terms though - we print the foil area first on our digital press, you set it up as a fifth color. We then take the sheet and put it though a machine very similar to a lamination machine, the foil will stick to the black area. We then will put the sheet back through the copier to print the rest of the project, and yes, we can print over top of the foil. Simply right - very!

Dress to impress, make that first impression stand out!

Working in the marketing business for almost 30 years - we realize how important it is to set yourself aside from your competition. Sometimes you get a small opportunity for your product to catch the eyes of the right people. Our metallic foils can help you and project / sales effort stand out from your competition.

Advantages of the Digital Foiling

As we have already agreed, the foil element adds a whole new level to your presentation. As we have published in many of our articles, the foiling effect virtually adds value to your brand and product by itself. Short run capability - very much so. Certainly you always have a setup cost, but that setup cost is much cheaper then creating a die. How about doing personalization or variable data with the foil? Just a few other ideas to think about. NobelusTM has brought colors to the market that almost create the rainbow - so yes you can personalize your colors to match your theme or corporate colors without breaking the bank.

So what really is Digital Metallic Foiling and SleekingTM?

Traditionally foils have been placed onto printed products with the use of heat and a die. Foiling has been a main stake in the printing industry for years. In a nutshell, traditionally the die strikes through the foil and imprints the foil directly onto the sheet of paper. If you have worked with foils in the past, you are very aware of the cost of the dies and that generally speaking, even for the simplest projects, you're going to tie up several hundreds of dollars into even a project as simple as a business card. Due to the extreme cost, although many people love the effect, they stay away from the process.

Digital metallic foiling and SleekingTM do not require dies, so the process is much cheaper! Digital foil stamping is when we place a black image on the sheet and then adhere foil to the image area with a heat process. SleekingTM is where we first print a project, laminate the full sheet, print a black area on top of the laminate, then finally pass that sheet through the foil equipment to create a foil effect.

Why to partnership with us?

As you depend on us to provide you the best ultimate support, we also rely on our vendors to keep us current and help us work though understanding foil products for digital technology and how to get the best quality products possible. Many of our foils and laminates come from a well-known company in the industry, NobelusTM. NobelusTM is no stranger when it comes to offering the best products and has been servicing printers around the world for decades. If we can't get you an answer - you can be sure our partnership with NobelusTM will get you the best support for your demanding needs!

The above pictures have been provided courtesy of NobelusTM.

Here is how it works

Trying to photograph these examples is next to impossible! Trying my best - I have taken 3 photos to illustrate what SleekingTM is and how it works. Thanks to our friends and NobelusTM for allowing to use the photos for demonstration purposes.


Step 1 - Print Black

The first step is to print the black image, we manage this as a 5th color. The fifth color is printed in solid black.

Step 2 - Foil the Image

We then take the sheet and feed it through our foiling machine. The foil will stick to the black ink only.

Step 3 - Print the Final Project

We then will take the sheet and pass it back through the digital copier to complete the project. Yes, you can also print over the foil if you want!

Foil types available

Most are familiar with the standard silver and gold foil choices. But that is just like saying we have chocolate and vanilla ice cream options; the market now has several options that are readily available. I put together a brief list of some of the more popular options. Again because of the difficulty in photographing the metallics, if you want a sample on any of the below, please fill out the form below and we will be happy to get you samples. Happy designing!

Digital Metallic Foils

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Violet
  • Rose Gold
  • Pink

Digital Spot Laminating / Films

  • Clear Gloss
  • Black Gloss
  • White Gloss
  • Sparkle Holographic
  • Crystal Holographic
  • Milky Way Holographic
  • Carbon Fiber Holographic

I would like additional information and samples: 

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