What do you mean - "We can just about print on anything!"

Yes, that is about true! We recently made the investment for a color UV printer that will allow us to print almost onto anything the will fit through the throat of the machine. From printing on footballs and soccer balls, we go down to very fine plastic materials and carry the utmost quality of your full color images. Our new technology will also allow you to complete 3 dimensional printing onto items as well. Printing a new sign for a fancy exhibit, special awards to give away or images that you would like to display in your office - we've got you covered!

So how does it work?

Without boring anyone to death and trying to put the technology into terms that the average consumer can understand UV Led technology is pretty straight forward. UV printing is another form of digital printing that uses ultra UV inks that are put down on a wide range of substrates and uses UV lighting to cure the ink instantly. FUnny enough - the technology was originally designed for nail polishes that would dry quickly during manicures. Because the ink dries so quickly - the ink dots being laid down don't have time to expand and help carry unbelievable resolution characteristics. UV ink inks have the tendency to help add depth and color to any project and the inks also add durability and longevity to projects

Ad Specialty, Shirt Printing

Our UV system can handle just about any ad specialty giveaway item you can imagine! What is unique about our products is that we are producing your ad specialty items right here in Cleveland! Most online or brokers source these items and can't avoid expensive shipping cost, limited ability for samples and the proper knowledge of how your products are being produced. Want to bring us your own products to print on, no problem! We just need to make sure that the materials of your product are compliant for our machine and inks.

Sign & ADA - Compliant / Braille Signage

We are able to generate all different types of signs on a wide range of materials. See below for a comprehensive list of substrates we can image onto. Our signs can be rectangular, square, circular - or just about any design you can craft. Place Laser precision holes for you to easily mount - no problem. Now here is where it becomes interesting. Introduce the element of 3 dimensional artwork into your sign, Leave the realm of creating "just another sign". Pur signs can be as small as a business card and rang upto an area of 12'x24'.

Acrylic Printing, Awards, Plaques

Looking for awards or plaques to hand out for special events. We having the ability to print on very thin to very thick acrylics can give you a really neet effect that can be used for a wide range of awards, plaques, graduation tokens or almost any type of award for any event. We can print on both sides of the material creating special effects that literally can make your project jump off the page. By combining this printing technology with our laser cutting facility, almost any design can be illustrated and cut to your exact needs.

Here is a comprehensive list of some more projects that we can handle with our UV printing technology.

Acrylic Printing, Awards, Plaques

Bottle & Cylindrical Printing

Industrial Labeling, DIal Faces & Serial Plate Printing

Sign Printing

Wood Printing

Ad Specialty Digital Decorating

Cell Phones & Tablet Cases

Industrial Part Marking

Textured Printing

T-shirt Printing

ADA- Compliant Braille Signs

Glass Printing

Luggage Tag Printing

Tile Printing


Aluminum Printing

Golf Ball Printing

Name Badge Printing

UV Printing

The Nuts & Bolts

Resolution: from 720x720 upto 5760x1440

Ink Colors: Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, 2xWhite, 2xClear

Maximum Printable Area: 12'x24'

Maximum Material Size: 13'x26'

Maximum Thickness: 4'

Media: Prints to a variety of substrates using DCS Multisolve LED UV Ir2 ink set, including but not limited to plastic, glass, ceramic, metal, etc.

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