(for Agencies, Brokers, Printers)

I Think We All Agree

An actual sample can tell the story a 1,000 times better! Our self contained mailing brochures certainly fall into this category. We are always happy to send sample to you for use in your sales campaigns, but how about actual samples that have your company name and logo on the front panel. We are willing to send you 50 of our 6 panel self contained brochures that you can use for sales presentations or send along to your customers. On the outside of the brochure - we show how the panels can be used. On the inside - we have printed one of our case studies that is full of great information for any customer who is contemplating on how to reach their audience with an affordable/successful mailing campaign.

No where on the brochure is any reference to POV - only you! If you would like to receive 50 of our self contained mailer brochures with your company information, please fill out the form below to get started! This offer is entirely free!

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