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Finding reliable skin packaging board suppliers can be a challenge today. POV Solution provides one-on-one attention and focuses on getting your skin board order filled ASAP. Working with us means you’ll benefit from:


Faster Turn Around Times

Get orders filled faster thanks to a well-stocked inventory of popular skin board and skin packaging film weights, plus a production line designed for more efficient turnaround and just-in-time delivery.

Special Requests

We’re an experienced skin board manufacturer nimble enough to take on special request orders. We also require smaller minimums than typical suppliers.

Exceptional Quality

We maintain stringent quality control measures and utilize calibrated equipment to ensure accurate board tolerances and sufficient film-to-board bond.

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Special laminating capabilities for extra-strong skin board

The heavier the product, the stronger your skin board needs to be. Got an especially weighty product? Eliminate the chances for skin board failure with POV Solution’s specialized laminating services.  


We can laminate two substrates of any material together, thereby creating a super-rigid, extra-strong skin board.


Skin board printing services to match your branding needs

Don’t miss the opportunity to brand your skin board! POV Solution is also a full-service printing company. Have your skin board show off your logo and brand colors with the help of our printing services.


Benefit from our decades of skin board packaging experience 

Thermo Packaging Suppliers, now part of POV Solutions, was one of the first companies in the industry to provide skin board services. We understand what a cost-effective option skin board packaging can be, and we’re prepared to take on a wide range of order requests.


What is skin board packaging?

Skin board packaging involves sealing a transparent plastic film around an item that sits on a substrate like paperboard or corrugated cardboard. This cost-effective packaging method can be used for display at the point of purchase, for protection during shipping, or both. It’s used for a variety of items, including garden tools, automotive parts, electronics, and office supplies.



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